Course Management

Allows schools to define the structure, objectives, learning goals, assessment criteria, course outline and linking to curriculum outcomes.


Marksbook Plus supports the use of assessment groups, multiple assessment criteria, assessment weighting and assessing outcomes.

Lesson Planning

Teachers can develop and share lesson plans that detail what and how the learning objectives and curriculum outcomes will be taught. Syllaburs can also be 'linked' to the current curriculum to ensure alignmnet and to allow accurate and purposeful reporting.

iScholaris Community Portal

The iScholaris Community portal provides customers access to documents, forums, feature requests, videos, software releases and helpdesk where you can submit, view and reply to support requests. To logon and access the community portal using your supplied username and password simply click on the button below.

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Getting Started

iScholaris has put together a structured model to ensure a smooth implementation process for implementing and adopting the solution across your school. Together with our partners we work with you every step of the way so you get the most out of the solution.

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MIS Integration

iScholaris automatically syncs data with your Student Management System to provide a perfect solution to school information, tasks and communication

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Why iScholaris

iScholaris is trusted by hundreds of schools worldwide.

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Loads of Features

iScholaris has a vast assortment of features and functions, simplifying technology to ensure the best user experience.

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