In most educational settings, about 20% of teachers and technology savvy staff use the education management system to full potential. Because technology tends to favor those who are already knowledgeable about computers, some teachers feel frustrated and overwhelmed when new educational software tracking systems are installed in their schools.

With hundreds of successful hours of installation in working with teachers and staff at all levels, iScholaris suggests the following top six tips to increase adoption of technology in schools:

  1. Group Input: By giving teachers representing all technological skill levels input on the planning and execution in each phase of implantation amplifies buy-in and boosts ownership of each stage of the process.
  2. Developing a Road Map: Developing a detailed plan of attack keeps everyone on the same page and manages expectations for progress.
  3. Baby Steps: Many implementation move too quickly and leaving less techie friendly users behind. Teachers are often overloaded and frustrated because an implementation moves so quickly. Baby steps allows for teachers to achieve goals incrementally.
  4. Empower Progress: Giving teacher’s autonomy and clarity to proceed at their own pace with planned progress reports and rewards gives reachable goals without applying undue pressure.
  5. Low Hanging Fruit: Reach for the easy achievements first. If you know that most teachers want to use an interactive marks book and this is an intuitive module, then start there to allow for a win in most popular place.
  6. Milestones and Measurements: Set milestones that are achievable and measureable with reviews every few months.

An easy transition from traditional student tracking systems to an advanced education management systems is only effective if all teachers, students, and parents have intuitive access to information without an extended learning curve.

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