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At Ashton Technology Solutions, we don’t think of ourselves as “geeks.” We’re problem solvers whose IT skills are matched only by our exacting standards. We’re consultants who help our partners leverage technology for lasting business results.

Naturally we take pride in delivering elegant solutions to our clients’ dilemmas. We can put out fires, but we’d rather prevent them. We invest the time and effort into finding the right hardware and operating system for you, and installing it according to best practices. Like you, we want to go home at the end of the day and never have to wonder if everything will function properly in the morning. With every client our goal is to ensure that we only see each other during scheduled visits. And maybe holiday parties.

Networks are pristine systems until you add users, and when problems do arise they’re almost always at a desktop, not a server. But whatever the cause of an unexpected crisis, we’re on it immediately — and that’s not a goal, it’s a promise. Unlike many competitors, we are not a one-person operation. With Ashton you get a team of professionals with differing backgrounds and expertise who consult with each other constantly to ensure the best service to every client in every situation. And while our team holds a variety of industry certifications, we don't hire based on how many tests you've passed or certifications you possess.  We hire knowledgeable IT professionals who are able to offer outstanding customer service while being aligned with our core values. You might have every certification in the book, but if you don't understand and live by our five core values, you're probably not a good fit for the team. 

Our core values can be captured in a few key words:

Humble: We’re experts who never forget that everything we do is in service to others.

Hungry:We are never satisfied. We work constantly to improve ourselves, so that we can better help our clients reach their goals.

Insightful:We answer the questions clients forget or don’t know to ask.

Trustworthy:We are interpersonally aware. We are empathetic and endeavor to build trust in all our interactions and relationships.

Accountable:We are resolved to following through on our commitments to the company, our clients, and ourselves.

These values guide our efforts to deliver highly customized business solutions that build stronger, more efficient business practices. Put more simply, we provide convenience. You turn it on, and it works, every time.

Our Mission:
Ashton Technology Solutions develops proactive business technology strategies to arm our clients for success.

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