Top Six Tips to Increase Adoption of Technology in Schools

In most educational settings, about 20% of teachers and technology savvy staff use the education management system to full potential. Because technology tends to favor those who are already knowledgeable about computers, some teachers feel frustrated and overwhelmed when new educational software tracking systems are installed in their schools.

With hundreds of successful hours of installation in working with teachers and staff at all levels, iScholaris suggests the following top six tips to increase adoption of technology in schools:

Top Four Tips to Save Teachers Time

Teachers are the rule – not the exception. From the basic tasks of noting attendance to grading assignments, teachers need all of the extra time available. Many teachers find that the extra hours of logging attendance, behavior, and marks into an online system eats up more time and creates extra steps.

Four ways that iScholaris saves teachers time in management of student performance:

MIS Integration

iScholaris automatically syncs data with your Student Management System to provide a perfect solution to school information, tasks and communication

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Why iScholaris

iScholaris is trusted by hundreds of schools worldwide.

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Loads of Features

iScholaris has a vast assortment of features and functions, simplifying technology to ensure the best user experience.

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